Engineering Consulting Services

Composite Solutions will provide support to your projects, related or not to the sea, with finite elements structural analysis, in an objective driven approach.

Composite Manufacturing Technics

Your company can focus on the your core business while we provide accurate data to send your projects to production, from water tanks, to space pressure vessels, to dynamic wave simulations.

Similations and consulting for structures performing in maritime environment.

Offshore Directive Compliance

Do you have any doubt about how to be compliant with norms of the naval industry? Contact us.

Structural Evaluations and Desing

Proficient with specialized software Composite Solutions will provide finite element method simulations to find the best solution for your project.

Naval Design

If you feel the need to improve the design of your ship, or floating struture, Composite Solutions as the knowledge to do so. We can also help you design a structure from the beginning.