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Composite Solutions is young and dynamic engineering and naval construction company dedicated to creating solutions at sea.  We develop, optimize and produce composite structures for maritime applications. At CS we understand the fabrication processes as well as the structural properties of the equipments.

We design , produce and install custom made marine equipment essentially in composite. Our clients range from Port Entities, Marinas, Offshore Windfarm Companies, Aquaculture Companies, Research Institutes, Universities, Oil Industry, Military Maritime Surveillance, Air Traffic Control and Public Entities.

Composite Solutions aims to be an anchor company in the development of projects in new technologies of the sea. Always with the view to develop new solutions, technologies and methods of manufacture. The main strategy focuses on creating a strong technological base that will serve as the foundation for a branched growth in the areas of: composite structures engineering for marine applications monitoring methodologies (sea, structural and vigilance) methods and large-scale productive techniques for composites.

% International Projects

Our Services

Composite Manufacturing Techniques

We provide consulting on composite manufacturing techniques so your process is optimized and has all the risks covered and minimized.

Offshore Directive Compliance

Do you have any doubt about how to be compliant with norms of the naval industry? Contact us.

Structural Evaluations and Design

Proficient with specialized software Composite Solutions will provide finite element method simulations to find the best solution for your project. Your company can focus on the your core business while we provide accurate data to send your projects to production, from water tanks, to space pressure vessels, to dynamic wave simulations.

Similations and consulting for structures performing in maritime environment.

Sensors Installation and Live feed monitoring

 We can install sensores on your structure so it can be studied for real stress and strain  behavior on your structure.  From Bragg Fibers to digital thermometers you will be able to monitor parameters in order to undertand if the structure is behaving as it was project.

Naval Design

If you feel the need to improve the design of your ship, or floating struture, Composite Solutions as the knowledge to do so. We can also help you design a structure from the beginning.

In CS we invest in a specialised team with great commitment to solve issues. Interest in the sea is achieved through training activities, seamanship classes and immersion in the environment. In this way we always know that besides the theoretical knowledge we can base an action strand in the environment.

The mission of Composite Solutions is to create opportunities at sea. With our engineering knowledge and love for the sea, we develope high strength composite solutions for marine applications.

CS propose to work in partnership with institutes, companies and Port Administrations in developing dedicated solutions from small to large scale.

The production method allows great flexibility in produced numbers without a huge increase in costs for dedicated equipment.

Composite Solution uses SolidWorks 2016 to run every simulation of your projects, in order to quickly understand complex component responses with analysis of composite parts. Optimization of the material, number and orientation of the composite ply layup is possible ensuring better results for your project, higher product quality, performance, and factor of safety (FoS).

You can count on a team specialised in simulation software and able to provide advise to achieve the best solution for your projects.

Composite Solutions is a young and dynamic engineering and naval construction company, dedicated to creating solutions at sea.  We develop, optimize and produce composite structures for maritime applications.

Our team comprises Professors, mechanical engineers, materials engineers and composite technicians as well as a number of outside consultants working diverse fields of composite applications.

You can choose the following services:

  • Standard FEA Analysis – Linear static structure, thermal stress/deflection analysis, buckling and eigenvalue analysis, linear contact analysis, etc.
  • Advanced FEA Analysis – Nonlinear material/geometry/contact analysis, dynamic analysis, fatigue and fracture analysis, vibration response, optimization, couple physical, etc.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) – Steady/transient flow analysis, thermal analysis, chemical reaction, multi-phase flows, combustion, etc.
  • MoldFlow Analysis Services  – Standard and advanced analysis.
  • Computer Aided Design/Draft (CAD) Services – Including 3D/2D drawing, design, file format conversion and more.

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